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Suarez Multipurpose Field

Suarez Restroom Improvements include new stainless steel fixtures, new gates to close restrooms for the night, exterior and interior paint, and the conversion of the storage area to a family restroom.

Suarez Playground

Suarez playground structure Improvements made possible with CDBG Funding. Removal of existing parts completed by construction crew. New playground installation will begin July 20th. Lead time for the parts were delayed due to COVID, but both East and West Playgrounds are arriving in the same shipment.

Suarez West Playground

Suarez West Playground Improvements- include railing, decks, roofs, slides, ladders, and new paint.

Morris Park Trail

Project to be completed end of August. This phase is for the installation of the trail, remaining funds for the project will be used for landscape and the CIP request for next fiscal year includes adding park trail amenities.